Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes: Standing on Safe Grounds

Crucial to ensuring the safety of industrial workforce who always remain exposed to perilous situations, safety shoes serve multiple functions. You no longer fear that a hammer falls on your foot, sharp nails scattered on ground do not compel you change your path, and when it comes to climbing ladders or walking on wet floors, you know safety shoes will protect your delicate foot from all mechanical injuries. Made mandatory by every legitimate industrial employer all across the globe, a professional always wished he got the best safety shoes he could rely on.

Fast forward the story to 2017, we cater industry-specific needs and thus offer a wide range of best-value safety shoes online. Brilliant by looks, lavish in lifestyle, our safety shoes collection are made from steel-alloys and so can perform the best even in extreme situations. We know just durability would not do, so assembling the best safety shoes under one umbrella, we are able to delight our customers all through the buying cycle.

Whether you are working at a construction site, or have a job to assist a chemist at university laboratory, you need to have the best shoe-protection plan for yourself. For small-medium enterprises and freelancer workers, the necessity to buy the best shoes is further amplified. Facing the shrill competition at work, you understand that your career prospects are maximized when you have the best tools endowed.

Why Do Millions of Safety Shoes User Trust Us After All?

Serving a large community of delighted customers, we understand your industry and work-specific requirements. Ranging from  the invincible steel toe shoes to the flexible and high-gripping fiber and rubber toe safety shoes, you decide what you want to buy and we deliver at your doorsteps on time. So essentially your work at a firestation is going to get easier if you buy the safety shoes that made of non-inflammable fibre material; likewise, you can rest assured that you shall not invite any accident at the construction site that you work for.

Also, with a philanthropist vision of providing safety equipments to all the workers worldwide, we have reasonably priced collection. This makes a difference: as most of our customers will buy a product only when it gives them maximum return, so be it: we got for you the best brands like Bata, Karam, Allen cooper, Tiger safety shoes and many more to count. Natural it may thus seem to you why we are one of the best ecommerce sites when it comes to providing industrial tools and safety gadgets.

Our safety shoes are in line with the ISI specifications. Find the most searched safety shoes that are incredibly strong, yet lightweight to have industry-specific personalizations. That is the reason the safety shoes buyers come from sectors you'd never imagine they would. Excavation sites, building painters and interior decorators, firemen and natural calamity management agencies, chemical laboratories, and the count can go on.

 ❏    Liberty Safety shoes

Very popular brand, Liberty rose to a world-class fame when it launched its high-quality safety shoe collection. Great design, unmatched comfort, and the extra-strong PU double-density soles are its proven prowess since long. Naturally, the most risky industries such as heavy metal extraction sites, mines, petrochemical industrial factories have put their trust on Liberty safety shoes.

❏    Bata Safety Shoes

We know what Bata stands for: the best bargain at almost marginal price. It has earned the cult-status in terms of safety shoes through constantly understanding the customer's' exact needs. That is why every Bata safety shoe is anti-corrosive, fire-resistant and has the best soles to prevent sharp objects from puncturing your feet. Because Bata safety shoes are available at a very affordable price, you can choose to buy safety shoes online right today to enjoy the earliest delivery.

❏    Tiger Safety Shoes

The best thing about Tiger safety shoes is its performance at extreme situations. We've got it tested at very high temperatures (furnace at factories), chaotically dangerous excavation sites, and collapsed buildings, and the results have always been the same: protecting your body from all mechanical injuries. Also, these safety shoes are cushioned from within using sweat-absorbent material. That surely is a commitment to ensure you can wear the shoes for long hours with the same comfort. Not to miss, these shoes are shock-resistant, feel free to try its benefits at your construction site, you would love your job more than you do now.

❏    Karam Safety Shoes

Usually popular among construction site and chemical factory workers, Karam shoes have inbuilt double density PU soles. This is crucial to increase the traction (and reduce the risks of slipping) when working at irregular and slippery surface . You see oil or grease spilled on floor? Why worry, just get one of our high-quality Karam safety shoes, and you outperform at work every day of your job. That's a success mantra leading companies have discovered, ultimately choosing the best safety shoes among the rest.

❏    Allen Cooper Safety Shoes

And the best pick of the thousands of enthusiastic workers is here. Apart from having the best features, whether in terms of quality, comfort and adaptability, Allen Cooper safety shoes are horribly famous for their ultra-modern design sense. Lightweight as any ordinary shoes, Allen cooper provides an exclusive range of attractive safety shoes that free you from Basiphobia and would never wear away, no matter which industrial sector you work for.


Why choose us as the best over the rest?

The benefits of buying safety shoes online with us

  • Quality approved We have a zero-tolerance policy for defective products. Rest assured, your best safety shoes are delivered from us
  • Easy to use product information Understanding how valuable your time is, we continuously update our recent products with the best picks of the month on our website. No fishing in dark, you get what you look for. Simple
  • Quick delivery What good are our safety shoes if they don’t reach on time? When you buy safety shoes online with us, we never miss the delivery date. The result: You can plan your job without worrying about the supply-chain.
  • Reasonable price Ecommerce site like ours can not afford to lose customers like you. Our product price are based on market research so that buying your lifeline safety shoes doesn’t bite your wallet anymore. Most of the safety shoes you see at Indusuno can be purchased at a very affordable price.
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